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Gift wrapping

Would you like your items gift-wrapped?
If so, then please add this item to your cart with your items!
*Please read before ordering.
Please add this item to your cart for as many items you would like gift-wrapped. (i.e., add this item to your cart three times if you would like three items to be gift-wrapped.)
If you purchase multiple items and would like only some to be gift-wrapped, please leave a note in the comments on which items you would like to be wrapped. If there are no comments, all items will be wrapped together.
・ There may be some cases where gift wrapping is unavailable, depending on the type/number of items. 
・ Depending on the overall number of orders, processing large/custom orders may take time. Please contact us if you need your order quickly.
・ Please note that we do not do noshikake-style gift wrapping.
・ Please input the delivery address separately if it differs from the purchaser's.
・ If you would like to send items to multiple addresses, please split the order. Each order can only be sent to one address.
・ If you would like a paper gift bag to be included with your items, please request one in the comments of your order.
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Wrapping paper
Paper string

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Handling Instructions

– Exposing our collection to sunlight or strong lighting may cause discoloration, and the sheets may ripple or warp when in dry or humid conditions. Please take care when using or storing our collection.
– We recommend storing our collection in a cool and dry area that is not exposed to direct sunlight.
– The Memo Block sheets and base are held together with paste on one side. If the Memo Block is dropped, the two parts may break apart. Please take care when handling this item.