In response to our customer’s requests, we have manufactured a number of original products.

The following is a selection of the original stationery we have made throughout the years.


Images courtesy of CW&T

2024  CW&T Original Notebook - Studio Sketchbook

Size: A6 (4.13 x 5.83 in.)
Color: White/Gray
Number of pages: 144
Specifications: Codex binding
Cover: Silk printing
Packaging: Paper sleeve
Number of Units: 1,000 units each
CW&T is a design office run by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy. From our first meeting in 2020, four years was spent perfecting the Studio Sketchbook. 
Able to be opened 180-degrees, this codex-bound notebook makes it easy to jot down your notes anywhere you go.

2024 MONOCLE × ITO BINDERY – Original Memo Block



2018 Nohga Hotel Ueno – Original Drawing Pad used in the guest rooms.



2019 Grand Seiko – Memo Block given out exclusively at an event.



2019 The National Museum of Western Art – Original Drawing Pad sold at the Le Corbusier and the Age of Purism exhibition.



2018  Original Mint Drawing Pad – On sale for a limited time on the Ito Bindery online shop.



2013 Crafted for Lexus – An original Drawing Pad made in collaboration with Lexus.