【NEW】 Note Piece will go on sale!!

【NEW】 Note Piece will go on sale!!

Since 1938, Ito Bindery Co., Ltd. has been involved with creating and manufacturing informational printed materials. It has been 14 years since our Drawing Pad and Memo Block were announced in 2010.

Now, to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of our first store, our latest project, the Note Piece, will go on sale.

Once it was developed and designed by the Tenkei Project (consisting of members Tomoharu Matsuda, Wataru Noritake, Nami Makishi, and Okeda Chikako), the Note Piece was presented at trade shows in Frankfurt in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and New York in the United States of America before making its way to both the domestic Japanese and international market to go on sale on March 1st.

When passing a note to someone, the message and handwriting are important, as is the quality of the paper. You notice the quality of the paper when you write by hand, and your feelings are wrapped in the coloring and materials chosen, which makes paper an invaluable element.

The Note Piece uses subtly noticeable Bulky paper, and the white-yet-grayish coloring of the paper leaves an impression of elegance.

We’d be happy if you tried out the latest piece of our collection.


Note Piece
[ Materials ]
Cover : Cloth Paper
Sheets : Bulky Paper (64g/㎡), 50 sheets
[ Types ] 
Lined : 5 lines spaced at 10mm apart
Grid : 5 x 5mm grid
[ Manufacturing Method] 
Top Gluing 
[ Size ]
84 x 175mm